Healthy Food For A Healthy Face

Healthy food“We are what we eat.” That phrase is used all the time, and the fact is, it’s true. The food we consume actually does contribute to how we look, feel, and act. Our skin and hair are good indicators of what we have been eating over the long run. The occasional grease or fatty food is not going to show. However, if a poor diet is our norm it will be noticeable right there on our faces. Continue reading →

More Tips for Natural Looking Makeup

Fashion model with spring green leavesLooking as natural as possible is not a new trend. It began gaining popularity when it was started by Bobbi Brown years ago. At the time vibrant shades of red, blue, and violets were pretty much the norm. Nowadays, wearing makeup only to enhance your features is not only uncommon, but it can make you look polished as well (did you see the makeup styles at the Golden Globes 2014?). Read on to find a play by play to wearing natural looking makeup and easy to do tips to flaunt it effortlessly.  Continue reading →

Purging Your Face of Acne Scars

AcneFor many years, people from their teenage years and beyond have been taunted and haunted by acne scars. Acne is a ridiculous skin problem – it hurts when the acne spots are forming, and they look and feel vile once they arrive. Last but not least, they can leave permanent scarring to your face or at least medium term scarring. This leaves you with undeniable proof that at one stage your skin was less than beautiful. Continue reading →

Beautifully Bare: Feeling Good Without Makeup

by Kristy Wiggins-Gilbraith, C-LMT

Beautifully BareWe’ve all been there.  You look in the mirror and think to yourself “great!” while reaching for the concealer to hide those dark under eye circles, or burgeoning zit that’s ready to take center stage.  Although make-up is fun, and in some instances can help you save face (pun intended), it’s not always necessary to wear.  Many women use make-up as a crutch, not feeling complete without it.  My epiphany came about when I had a friend ask me “what took me so long in getting ready”.  I informed him I was putting on my makeup.  To my surprise his response was “really, I don’t see a difference”.  In that moment that I realized if he couldn’t tell my naked face from my very well blended foundation, perhaps I didn’t really need to hide underneath it all.  As a result I let my natural beauty shine through about 95% of the time. Here are a few of my tips for not only looking great with a naked face, but feeling confident as well. Continue reading →

Want to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Eye with black fashion make-upThe eye is said to be the window of the soul. They are arguably the most conspicuous part of the face. While some of us are born with adorably large eyes, others of us are born with eyes that are not as visible from afar, or have other features that detract from our eyes. Of course everyone wishes to be lucky enough to be endowed with attractive eyes that call the shots (perhaps we should blame cartoons for this mindset…..consider the size of your favorite Disney princesses eyes!) If you long for larger eyes, you are not alone. The elite celebrities of Hollywood are among the countless many who seek to have sexy and appealing eyes. Rest assured that there are a number of tricks that you can utilize to help you accomplish this task!  Continue reading →

Lorde’s All Natural Instagram

LordeIt is rare for celebrities to let their fans see through their perfectly sculpted and advertised glamour. Almost all publicly released photos, except those taken by the paparazzi, are digitally touched up despite the fact that celebrities spend a good chunk of time being attended to by hair and makeup stylists. While the ethics of such perfectionism is a touchy discussion to be had another day, it’s needless to say that we common-folk have come to expect such perfection of our celebs. Continue reading →