Do you wake up some mornings and think in your mind that you would give ANYTHING to just have beautiful dark flawless skin? Well you’re not alone. You wouldn’t know if by looking at or watching popular media and advertisements, but unfortunately blemishes, acne, and scars are just part of human nature. Luckily there are products out there to help control and conceal these embarrassing little unwanted spots.

BB Cream: The miracle Product

While you can buy a whole myriad of different products, you don’t need to. There are still many people out there today who buy moisturizer, concealer, sunblock, primer, serum, and then one type of foundation or another. That’s 6 separate bottle/tubes right there, and you know that one of those products is going to be low or empty at all times. Thank goodness for BB cream! By using BB cream you avoid the necessity of having to keep in stock and remember to apply multiple skin care products.

This miracle idea started in Asia before making it’s way to western markets, but for those of us praying for perfects skin, this is the next best things. If you are new to using blemish balm (aka beauty balm), you are in for a treat. If you find the right brand that works great on your tan skin, you can end us saving tons of money and counter space in the long run. The trick is finding the BB cream that works best for you.

As you are well aware we all have different skin types and these play a huge role in the types of makeup and skincare products you should use. While people with dry skin need oilier products to give their skin more moisture, you need products that will help you to control your oil and your shine. Oily skin can be a difficult thing to manage. Since your dark skin already does more than enough to keep itself moisturized, your goal should be to do anything you can to not provoke oil production with what you put on your face.

What To Look For

To make sure you choose the best BB cream for oily skin, there are a few tips things that you will want to keep an eye out for:

Use Well Known or Recommended Products

Especially when it comes to makeup, there are hundreds of thousands of different products to choose from. One thing you can do right off the bat to narrow your list down is to only consider those products that are well-known and well-rated. The only exception you may want to consider is a referral from a trusted and reliable source, who may have used a lesser known product and experienced amazing results.


When choosing the cream that’s right for you look for ingredients that will help to compliment your naturally oily skin. Arbutin and Licorice can help give your skin and nice even skin tone (which is needed when you have darker blemish spots). Mica is an ingredient that helps to reflect light which can help give you skin a luminous healthy look.

Avoid Extra Moisture

BB creams replaces the need for another moisturizer. So don’t you dare think about using moisturizer with the cream. Also, when you are shopping for the right fit, avoid ones that boast of their extra moisturizing features. You’ve already got plenty of natural moisture, and extra oil is something that you wont find in the best BB creme for oily skin.

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