Applying Makeup to Oily SkinDon’t you just hate it every time you’re having an “ugly day” and some gorgeous “bimbo” with perfect everything comes walking across your TV screen as part of some commercial? While you probably don’t feel that way most of the time, it really can be hard not to get jealous or compare our large porous skin to gorgeous or photoshopped models (especially for those of us who were born less than flawless). You know that you really need to find the good products for oily skin if you find yourself washing your face regularly trying to scrub away the glaring shine that always seems to inevitably show through around mid-day? (If you are the opposite then this is the page you are looking for)

Top Foundations For Large Pores:

Star Rating
Estee Lauder Equalizer SmartLiquid1 oz$$$$$5 / 5
Nars Sheer MatteLiquid Matte1 oz$$$5 / 5
Laura Mercier SupremeLiquid1 oz$$4.8 / 5
Jouer Cosmetics Matte TintLiquid Matte1.7 oz$$4.6 / 5
Clinique Even BetterLiquid1 oz$$4.4 / 5

The foundation you use is arguably the most important choice in makeup that you will make. It is the quite literally the base of your makeup canvas. With the wrong base your makeup just won’t look quite right, no matter what else you apply. So to get the perfect look for yourself you’ll want to make sure you are using makeup that caters to your skin type.

We are all different, and even those of us with more than enough of it, differ in just how much oil we produce. You may have found yourself, on occasion, pulling hair out when shopping looking for the best drugstore foundation available for your skin. It can be hard in the heat of the moment while shopping to know which bottle will actually work the best for you. It can take a lot of time and work to research every single foundation product available to find the one that’s just right.

Hopefully you’ll be pleased to find out that we’ve done the research for you. We’ve looked at every major type of foundation on the market and have come up with the following list of the

Top Choice: Estee Lauder Equalizer

Estee LauderThe Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup does admittedly come with a higher price tag. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. In our opinion this is the best foundation available, if you can afford it. If your are used to buying high end makeup products and regularly using this product won’t break your budget, then this is a no brainer. This equalizing base is responsive and works during the day to evenly distribute moisture. It does this by actually intercepting secreted oil and physically redirecting them to the drier areas. As should be a requirement for any makeup you use with your skin type, this product is oil-free, and maintains it’s fresh natural looking color all day long.

Great Alternative: Nars Sheer Matte

NarsWe anticipate that some of our readers may be looking for a lower cost alternative to our top candidate. Nars Sheer Matte is the perfect solution for those finding themselves in such a position. This matte foundation rings in at only half of the price of it’s top competitor, and does a comparable job. Per your needs, Nars Sheer Matte is also oil-free and works to even your tone. It’s formula absorbs excess facial oil to control your shine from dusk till dawn. It also contain turmeric extract which, when used regularly, can help to improve the brightness and texture of your skin. If you haven’t tried it before, you are missing out. You won’t regret purchasing this well-priced, and highly recommended foundation.

Why The Shine?

Have you ever found yourself wondering in vain, “why do I have so much shine?” Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this multiple times throughout your life. The true reason is because  you have over-active sebaceous gland, but just what is causing your glands to be overactive? For some the answer is simple. We know that we can inherit traits from our parents. If shiny skin runs in your family, you most certainly were assigned that trait by the gene pool. So what if none of your relatives have the same problem? What if, unlike the Will.I.Am song, you didn’t “[get] it from [your] mama?”

There are actually a number of other reasons why you may overproduce oil. These causes include:

  • Certain Medications
  • High Stress Levels
  • Tanning
  • Change in Season/Climate
  • Incorrectly or Overusing Care Products

Oily Skin FoundationFacial Care Solutions

Most of the time you can’t easily change your body traits. You just can’t. There are, however, things that you can do to manage your skin. These steps you can take will help you ensure that you don’t “make a bad situation worse.”

Wash Your Face

This probably comes as no surprise, but make sure to regularly wash your face. You’ll want to use some kind of face wash, and not just water (or regular soap!) If acne is another battler you fight daily, you may want to consider purchasing face washes that contain scrubbing beads to help clear dead cells which may clog your pores. Make sure to wash your face ONLY two times a day. Washing more than twice a day, can stress your epidermis and cause it to produce even more oil.

Don’t Cover Your Face Unnecessarily

Your face needs to be able to breath as often as possible. This should be part of common sense etiquette, but don’t touch your face unless you absolutely need to. When you do, you can transfer even more oil to your face from your hands and fingers. Also, as often as you can give your face a break from makeup. Your face will appreciate it! Not wearing makeup on days that you won’t be leaving the house or when going to the gym gives your face more time to breathe which in turn helps your skin normalize oil production levels.

Use Oil-Free Products

Obviously your face is able to create enough moisture for itself. Using other facial products (more especially moisturizers) that are thick or contain alcohol or oil is a BAD IDEA. Some recommend the use of mineral makeup, as it will not add additional moisture to your face, however, mineral makeup works better for mildly oily skin. Mineral makeup may clog pores more than some liquid matte products, which could make acne worse. There is some debate on this, but in your attempts to avoid oil-containing products, you may need to try out a few different products to decide which is the best foundation for you. 

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