Putting Moisturizer On Her Hands To Prevent Dry SkinDealing with sensitive dry skin can be a tricky situation. There can be a fine line between hydrating your skin and clogging your pores with unnecessary oil. It’s probably clear that your skin isn’t producing the necessary oils it needs stay soft. The result is sensitive dry and itchy skin that flakes off in certain areas. If you’re not careful your skin can crack to the point of bleeding or exposing pink skin. The problem can be complicated when acne is added to the mix. So how do you find the right balance between helping your skin without going to the extreme?

While it’s obvious that your skin needs some outside help, it’s not always so clear which products to choose from. While it’s important to use makeup that works well with dry skin, you need other products that can help even when you aren’t wearing makeup. Obviously you need a facial moisturizer with healthy oils that your skin can absorb, but you also don’t want something that will cause you face to be so oily that it reflects light to the point that it blinds people. Sure that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

So how do you know what facial moisturizers to use? Lucky for you, we put in the time and effort, so that you don’t have to. After researching all available options we came up with the following list of

Top Facial Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Star Rating
L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream1.7 oz$$$4.7 / 5
Dr. Hauschka Day Cream3.4 oz$$4.5 / 5
Face Whisperer Day Creme w/ Argireline1.7 oz$$$$4.2 / 5
Garnier Radiance Moisture Cream Skin Renew1.7 oz$4.0 / 5
Philosophy Hope in a Jar4 oz$$$3.7 / 5

Top Rated Moisturizer: L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream

Loccitane CreamNot only does it come in a fancy looking bottle, but this moisturizer truly is one of a kind. L’Occitane en Provence has crafted the perfect remedy for your dry itchy skin by combining as much as 25% shea butter with Shea Concentrate and other natural ingredients that sensitive skin thirsts for. This face cream not only moisturizes, but also works to bolster your skin’s natural defenses with it’s new probiotics technology. The overall combination of shea elements is quickly absorbed by skin as it begins to repair itself. This cream will not only immediately nourish yours skin, but will comfort and hydrate all day. You’ll want to apply it regularly for the best long-lasting results.

Best For Budget: Dr. Hauschka Day Cream

Dr. HauschkaIf your needs require you to be budget conscious then Dr. Hauschka‘s Day Cream is the best choice for you. While it’s total price rings around the same prices as our number one contender, you’ll notice that this product is the 3.4 oz bottle, so it comes with twice as much moisturizer. Not bad if you’re looking to pay less for more! It’s specially formulated for dry skin and is also fast acting. It’s light activating ingredients work to balance and regulate skin moisture and tone, by first dissolving into skin for quick relief and then next enlivening pale skin. As with most facial moisturizers, this product works best when used in conjunction with other hydrating skin products.

Keeping Dry Skin Hydrated

It’s important to realize that using moisturizer is only one part of dealing with dry skin. There are a number of other steps that you should be taking in order to keep you skin as healthy and hydrated as possible. Try keeping up with the following steps regularly to see significant differences with your dry skin.

Inner Health Increases Outer Beauty

Although we hate to admit it, it is true that we are what we eat (and drink)! Unfortunately, unlike plants, drinking a ton of water doesn’t mean that our outer skin layers will stay moist. Often times our outside appearance can accurately reflect our overall health. A healthier inside often means a healthier outside. Does this mean that if you eat and drink right, your dry skin problems will go away? While it is possible, you shouldn’t bank on it. It does mean that your skin will most likely improve, and even if it doesn’t. Eating healthier and exercising regularly will ensure that you aren’t making your skin condition worth by developing unhealthy habits that can harm your skin.

Don’t Neglect To Wash

Girl Telling A Secret To Her FriendIt’s no secret that washing your face removes natural oils. Since this is true, it’s not unlikely that in the past you may have avoided washing your face in order to preserve the natural face moisture. While you should avoid washing your face too often, it is still best to wash your face twice a day, ideally in the morning and at night. You will want to use gentle face wash products so as to avoid too much moisture being drained from your face, but it’s also important to use exfoliating face wash. It’s not just the oils that are washed away with face wash, but also dead skin that can clog your pores or make your face look like it’s pealing. Using a nice exfoliating face wash in conjunction with moisturizes will help you to avoid the embarrassment of dry skin flaking of your face during the day.

Use the Right Facial Products

Not all moisturizers are created equal. Many moisturizers are geared specifically for day or night. What’s the difference? Day moisturizers are generally lights and help to prepare your skin for the additional coverage of makeup. If the moisturizer you use during the day is too thick it may leave your face looking super oily. Save the thick stuff to use at night when your face is clean and you will not be adding additional products to it. This thicker moisturizing cream is meant to penetrate your face deeper. You will get the best results if you make sure to have a night moisturizer that is different from the day cream you use.

Focus On The Worst

No this doesn’t mean to judge yourself or others by your worst qualities and focus on them. This simply is the remind you that the places on your face and body that need the most TLC will be those that are the driest.  Concentrate on these dry spots in your skin care efforts. Make sure to apply a little more moisturizer to these areas, especially at night. Also be careful during makeup application that these areas don’t stand out. Since they are dry, they will tend to have a different base color than the surrounding skin. Since makeup generally darkens skin tone a bit, it’s best to apply a little less in these areas, so that they don’t appear darker than the rest of your face.

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