Beautiful Young Girl With A Flower In Her Hair In The SummerIt’s hard enough  to know exactly which products to use on your skin, even when you have great skin. The problems and questions that arise when your skin is less than ideal can be overwhelming. Day moisturizer helps prepare the skin for the layer(s) of makeup that will be subsequently applied to it, beginning with your base coat of foundation, so you know it’s important to use. But it’s hard to combat the common sense which makes it seem counter-intuitive to apply facial moisturizer to a face that is “more than moisturized.”

Well we’ll get into why it makes sense to apply facial moisturizer to oily in just a bit, but for the sake of argument right now let’s just accept the fact that regardless of skin type, you should be using oil free moisturizer prior to applying makeup. You will obviously want to look for moisturizer that will not add to the natural shine of your face, and you don’t want to worry about products that might clog your pores and enhance acne problems.

We at have gone through the available moisturizers to choose from. We have compared metrics like customer rating, customer needs, and pricing and are happy to present to your our finding for:

The Top 5 Cheap Moisturizers To Use On Oily Skin

Price / oz
Star Rating
Glycolix Elite Facial Cream Ultra Lite1.6 oz$$$4.3 / 5
Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer12 oz$$4.2 / 5
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisurizing Gel4.2 oz$$$$4.1 / 5
Olay Total Effects 7-in-11.7 oz$$$3.9 / 5
St. Ives Collagen Facial Moisturizer10 oz$3.7 / 5

Facial Moisturizing Tips

Moisturizing oily skin can be very tricky. There are the obvious difficulties of managing shine and acne. So we’ve prepared a few tips to help you with this task.

Remember To Wash Your Face

We know this may seem like an obvious one, but still many people fail to remember to properly take care of the skin on their face. It is absolutely crucial that you remember to wash your face, not just once, but twice a day. Washing your face too much can also worsen the problem of oil overproduction, so don’t wash more than twice a day. Remember that washing by itself isn’t good enough! It’s not enough to wash away oils, you also need to cleanse your pores (especially if you deal with acne). You do this through the process of exfoliation. To exfoliate means to remove dead skin. These dead skin particles can get stuck in your pores and block them. This causes pimples and blackheads. You can exfoliate much more effectively by using facial wash with tiny beads which help to remove skin much better than just using your hands. If you aren’t washing and exfoliating twice a day, start now! You will see a significant difference in your skin tone.

Treat Skin After Washing

Don’t skip straight from cleansing to moisturizing. If you don’t have any additional treatment products already, you should start looking into some. There are a number of very good topical treatment products that will help your in your battle against oil and pimples. It’s true that some of them can irritate the skin, which is one of the purposes of applying moisturizer.

Apply Oil Free Moisturizer Carefully

Make sure that when you are applying your oil free moisturizer you are doing so gently. Use the product sparingly with two fingers. Pressing too hard can cause you to force more moisturizer than is helpful down into your pores. Start first with your cheeks in small strokes and them move up towards the top of your face. Spread the moisturizer our evenly to avoid having spots that are oilier than others.

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