Lorde’s All Natural Instagram

LordeIt is rare for celebrities to let their fans see through their perfectly sculpted and advertised glamour. Almost all publicly released photos, except those taken by the paparazzi, are digitally touched up despite the fact that celebrities spend a good chunk of time being attended to by hair and makeup stylists. While the ethics of such perfectionism is a touchy discussion to be had another day, it’s needless to say that we common-folk have come to expect such perfection of our celebs.

That’s why it’s surprising, and somewhat refreshing, when a publicly known and respected figure breaks through the facade and posts pictures that are less than glamourous. One such picture was released just this week via Instagram, by rising pop sensation Lorde. Despite the maturity her voice and the measure of her success, the singer is only 17-years old and suffers, like most of us do, from imperfect skin. Her hormonal body probably makes her skin battle even harder to fight, but you have to give her props for being courageous enough to not just hide behind her promotional image.

The selfie posted recently by Lord shows her “all natural”. Her caption for the picture reads “in bed in paris with my acne cream on.” In an age where admittedly most of us, touch up our pictures and only upload the best of the best to our social media accounts, we feel that Lorde is sending a message that many of us don’t consider. We all have cosmetic defects, and though there are products that can help us, we don’t need to be ashamed.

Whether your skin is dry or oily, whether it’s acne prone or not, you shouldn’t be ashamed. You should feel like you need to be ashamed. Sometimes there is a fine line between perfectionism and trying to look your best. Sometimes a noble desire turns into an obsession. Here at MakeUpForYourSkin.com our soul purpose is to help you look your best, but we hope that in that pursuit you don’t allow yourself to focus on your imperfections. Sometimes it’s best to just step back and realize that no one is perfect, so don’t stress the little stuff. More especially don’t stress the things that you can’t change. Use the best makeup and skincare products on your skin, then after that focus on other things, and remember, beauty is NOT just skin deep.

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