More Tips for Natural Looking Makeup

Fashion model with spring green leavesLooking as natural as possible is not a new trend. It began gaining popularity when it was started by Bobbi Brown years ago. At the time vibrant shades of red, blue, and violets were pretty much the norm. Nowadays, wearing makeup only to enhance your features is not only uncommon, but it can make you look polished as well (did you see the makeup styles at the Golden Globes 2014?). Read on to find a play by play to wearing natural looking makeup and easy to do tips to flaunt it effortlessly. 

There are a  lot of reasons as to why wearing natural, earthy tones for makeup is appealing (even some of us make it our signature look). The natural shades of your makeup not only cover up your flaws, but (done correctly) will accentuate your features as well, in the most natural and subtle way possible.

So what are these tips and tricks to look natural?

Looking natural with your makeup begins with a  perfect skin. Wash, tone, moisturize, and exfoliate regularly to keep your skin supple and smooth. A skin full of bumps and spots will only make you use more makeup than you need.

Another thing to remember: it’s best to do your makeup routine in natural light so you’ll know how much to actually use on your face.

Here’s a tip with moisturizer: instead of using your usual moisturizer, and following with concealer, foundation, and finishing powder, you can simplify the steps by wearing a tinted moisturizer followed by concealer (dab a little bit on any flaws that you can see). Alternatively, you can mix your usual, non-colored moisturizer with a drop of liquid concealer to provide the right amount of coverage (yet still look natural!). End with finishing powder after you’re done with your other makeup products to seal everything.

You can also go natural with your blush up cheeks. The trick is to use a shade as close to as when you naturally blush (just pinch lightly your cheeks and see) and as in the case of natural makeup, use only matte blush. Dab lightly of the color, swipe from your cheeks towards your temple. Blend them until it looks subtle.

With your eyes, line them with a brown eyeliner (much more appealing and natural looking than the usual black) and smudge a bit with your fingertips. Apply a pale brownish hue over the entire lid and darker shade over the crease. Just like your blusher, the trick here is to use matte eyeshadows to look natural and polished. Finish with two coats of mascara.

For the lips, choose a shade that matches as close to your natural lips color and apply them with your fingertips. Use a small amount and increase bit by bit, building it up as you go (not too much or you’ll lose the natural effect). If you want, swipe with clear gloss to subtly amp your pout.

Looks easy enough, doesn’t it? Try it out! Practice a bit by yourself, and you to can pull off a natural looking makeup in no time.

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