Purging Your Face of Acne Scars

AcneFor many years, people from their teenage years and beyond have been taunted and haunted by acne scars. Acne is a ridiculous skin problem – it hurts when the acne spots are forming, and they look and feel vile once they arrive. Last but not least, they can leave permanent scarring to your face or at least medium term scarring. This leaves you with undeniable proof that at one stage your skin was less than beautiful.

Acne is a serious problem for some people and it can cause significant problems with confidence in yourself and your looks. Therefore, finding the best way to prevent them from returning and leaving your skin looking healthier for it is very important. The acne scars themselves are left for a variety of reasons, and it’s not because you picked at the spot!

Acne spots tend to leave lesions on your skin which are extremely prone to scarring, even if you never even touch them. As your skin desperately tries to fight off the infection, the lesions underneath your skin can leave the spotted damage all across your face.  So, while the most common cause of acne scarring is people picking at their pimples, it can happen otherwise.

Either way, these lesions can only be erased with the assistance of laser treatment. They cause actual indentations to your skin. The best thing that you can do to avoid yourself any of the unfortunate information above, however, is to start the fight against your acne as soon as possible. Visiting a doctor can help you get a prescription of steroids or similar to help you fight them off.

Avoid buying products or “cures” online without the approval of your doctor. There could be ingredients in them which could cause you to flare up and look worse. Most doctors will refer you to a dermatologist if things are getting out hand. Usually such a visit will include a steroid injection of cortisone. This will help reduce the inflammation massively and in turn this will help you avoid acne scarring in the first place.

We understand that not everyone will have access to a dermatologist or expensive treatments. If you find yourself in such a situation, the next best thing to do is to soak up your acne with a warm-water soaked cloth. Once your face is damp and the pores have opened up a bit, use a benzoyl peroxide treatment like the popular Neutrogena brand of On-the-spot Acne care. This will instantly react with the open pores and reduce inflammation.

The big key to reducing your scarring rate is to get rid of the inflammation. If you can reduce inflammation, then there is less chance of your face being left marked permanently (at least for the long-term). If you have an outbreak of spots and feel it could be acne, remember that the absolute best thing to do is to get to the doctor immediately. Its not always the most convenient solution, but it will do the most to help you avoid long-term acne damage.

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