Want to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Eye with black fashion make-upThe eye is said to be the window of the soul. They are arguably the most conspicuous part of the face. While some of us are born with adorably large eyes, others of us are born with eyes that are not as visible from afar, or have other features that detract from our eyes. Of course everyone wishes to be lucky enough to be endowed with attractive eyes that call the shots (perhaps we should blame cartoons for this mindset…..consider the size of your favorite Disney princesses eyes!) If you long for larger eyes, you are not alone. The elite celebrities of Hollywood are among the countless many who seek to have sexy and appealing eyes. Rest assured that there are a number of tricks that you can utilize to help you accomplish this task! 

Making your eyes look bigger may require improving your skills with a makeup brush. We all know that everyone loves the youthful look. Well applied makeup can not only make your eyes look larger and friendlier, but it will also make your eye whites look whiter and your overall appearance will become more youthful. But also beware! When applied poorly, these tips may make you appear pale, older, and/or unapproachable (Which is the total opposite of the vibrant, healthy look you want).

It’s All About Contrast

To make your eyes look bigger, try applying concealer that has a warm shade of peachy or yellow colors. This is recommended because these colors are likely to counteract the with the darker circles while greatly contrasting with the whites part of your eye to make them appear brighter.

Also try to use a foundation which is a little lighter than your own skin complexion to brighten your eye region. Follow this with a darker tinted color on  your facial curves to create a subtle smoky result which. On the rims of the eyes, you may use a nude color of eyeliner to give your eyes a larger look. Opt for a liner that is gives a soft shadow and use it outside the line. Extend it to the contours of the eyes.

If your eyelashes are straight, curl them. When lifted, the lashes become more visible, thereby opening the eyes. Volumizing mascaras are great as they help to enlarge the eye contour. Try putting putting it on multiple times to make eyes look a little larger. To frame the eyes softly while you are shaping and  and filling in your eyebrows. Try to make the process proportional so that one eye does not appear bigger than another.

The Don’ts

There are some don’ts that you may need to be reminded of as well. Do not apply concealer which is way lighter than your skin. This makes your eyes look lifeless and less vibrant. You should also not apply a light color your lids with the hope that the eyes will look brighter; as this will only make your eyelids look flat. Dark eyeliner should not be applied around the eye rims because it gives the eyes a smaller harder look. Do not tweeze your brows into a thin line as this will give you an older unnatural look. Doing any of the above things will work against your goal of having big beautiful eyes that pop.

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